Top 6 Crossbody Bags That Will Add Some Color To Your Winter Outfits

The crossbody bags have always been present on the fashion scene. Since the earliest times, men and women were wearing leather creations so that they can store and carry their belongings and money when they were migrating from one place to another. Inspired by those times, and having in mind its practical use that allowed free hands, the fashion industry saw the importance of having the crossbody bag with a permanent presence on the fashion scene. Soon, most of the famous and luxury fashion brands introduced crossbody bags in all of their collections, season after season.

This winter, the fashion trends suggest adding some color to the outfits and the crossbody bag is the perfect choice to do so.

Take a look at the most colorful selection of the 6 crossbody bags that will fit everyone’s style:


Cerruti 1881
Giallo Yellow Crossbody Bag

If you are a lover of the bright yellow color, then this is that one bag that will fit perfectly in your everyday styles. The top zip and the long handle makes it very easy to carry it as a crossbody bag, both underneath and over outerwear garments. The handle comes with a golden chain at the end, giving it quite a dose of elegance and luxury.

Furla - 1055650

The clean lines and the simple design create a piece that can work through the entire season. The belt-inspired handle and the fabulous coral shade are stunning, playing just on the line between the casual and the smart.

Prada - 1BD147_GLACE


The fashionistas and the trend followers will instantly fall in love with the pink color and design of this ultra-stylish bag. The modern look, the studs, and the chained handle are eye-catching and appealing.

Studded Leather Messenger Bag


Michael Kors always delivers the most beautiful shades on his bags, and it is the case with this green messenger bag. The distinctive logo, the added handle, and golden studs will add a pop of color to any outfit.

Gucci - 510303_CA00G


The chic and the trendiness of color and design meet in this Gucci crossbody bag. The well-known logo on the front, the exquisite leather, and the golden chains perfectly complement the deep and toned-down blue.

Love Moschino - JC4036PP1BLE


The unique blend of the circle design and the strong red are the two most distinct characteristics of this Moschino bag. And when you add the Love and heart shape to the brand’s logo, you get the trendiest bag for this winter.

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